Groth Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2017


Groth Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2017


Winemaker Notes: The bright citrus and tropical fruit flavors will be an excellent complement to most flaky white fish (Sole, Sablefish, etc.), but I just can’t shake the image of sitting on a tropical beach, eating fresh ceviche, and sipping on Sauvignon Blanc.

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Vintage: The 2017 growing season was one of extremes. We came into the year after one of the wettest winters on record – almost double our average rainfall. It was a good thing, as it was also one of the hottest summers on record. Thankfully, steady heat and abundant soil moisture allowed the vines to acclimate and grow beautifully without suffering any ill effects. The end result was a gloriously ripe and expressive crop - just the way we like it. Our Sauvignon Blanc has long been a showcase of our region, and the 2017 vintage continues the tradition of putting Napa Valley sunshine in a bottle.

Harvest: Our Sauvignon Blanc is produced from grapes grown in various microclimates of the Napa Valley. The warmer Napa Valley microclimate gives us grapes with melon and citrus characteristics in both aroma and flavor. The cooler areas of Napa Valley provide fruit with a solid, crisp backbone that gives the wine an exciting liveliness and balances the rich creaminess from "sur lie" aging. The Semillon is grown on the Groth Oakville Estate vineyard and is harvested with the Estate Sauvignon Blanc, contributing roundness and weight to the mouthfeel.

Winemaking: All of the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon was whole-cluster pressed which gives us juice of incredibly high fruitiness and softness. To fully integrate the flavors as early as possible, the Estate Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon were both co-pressed and co-fermented. After pressing and settling, the juice was moved to neutral oak barrels, put through a long, cool fermentation, and allowed to age "sur lie" for a total of four months in barrel. Malolactic fermentation was avoided to preserve the bright fruit and lively natural acidity that make this wine so refreshing and enjoyable.

Napa Valley

Sauvignon Blanc 81%, Semillon 19% 

100% barrel fermented, four months sur lie aging